Friday, July 26, 2013

Music- work in Progress

Music is going to be my next animation, an its based on this super cute, chubby, short , 10 year old boy named Rob. He is a stand up Bass Player and he loves music, he lives in one of the Painted Ladies in San Francisco and  he goes play Bass at the Powell street (SF downtown) where he gets teleported to this parallel universe.
Music is so powerful, it can gives you an infinity of feelings and sensations, and that's what I want to explore through a musician perspective.
Its going to be tons of work but I'm having fun, I don't have a lot of experience doing scenarios, but I see it as a great opportunity to push myself on doing it! 

PS: The boy is based on my awesome Boyfriend Rob! he isn't chubby or short anymore.
And ohhh boy this guy is so damn talented! *__*
Talent is aphrodisiac hehehe!

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