Friday, July 26, 2013

Music- work in Progress

Music is going to be my next animation, an its based on this super cute, chubby, short , 10 year old boy named Rob. He is a stand up Bass Player and he loves music, he lives in one of the Painted Ladies in San Francisco and  he goes play Bass at the Powell street (SF downtown) where he gets teleported to this parallel universe.
Music is so powerful, it can gives you an infinity of feelings and sensations, and that's what I want to explore through a musician perspective.
Its going to be tons of work but I'm having fun, I don't have a lot of experience doing scenarios, but I see it as a great opportunity to push myself on doing it! 

PS: The boy is based on my awesome Boyfriend Rob! he isn't chubby or short anymore.
And ohhh boy this guy is so damn talented! *__*
Talent is aphrodisiac hehehe!

Mari Has a Dream - Animation

Here is the final piece! 
I worked super hard mainly because I was learning as I was doing it!  I think the best way to learn is by struggling on doing something you really care about.

I made this animation to get an scholarship at Expression College in Emeryville California, which I did! I'm super happy to say that I got 16K off  the total cost on my education with this short movie!

And I'm already working on my next animation which hopefully I will send to some festivals next year. It will  definitely be way more complex but in the same scrapbook- paper cut style, I'm going to use After Effects again, since I didn't start learning Maya yet, and I'm in love with AE!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Mari Has a Dream- behind the scenes =)

 box 1
- I didn't use the little fish in the final version
                                                   visual :clouds,  world map zooming in
                       Audio:  This story starts in Brazil with a girl called Mari.
Box 2
Visual : same background  Brazil’s map, my painting and drawings popping up on the screen, and I sliding through the screen, while I get my painting clothes*

Audio: she likes to draw and painting and she has being doing it forever!
box 3
Visual: me laying in bed  with hearts and animation movies posters around me
Audio: and this girl, She loves animation!
Box 4
Visual:  3d  Dream letters  with scrapbook paper texture (need to do it –illustrator and photoshop) appears first bouncing from the top of the screen.
Then me, then Dream.
 Audio: Also Mari has dream. Dream was born out of her imagination. They are best friends! Most of the time he lives inside Mari’s Head, but for this story we going to let him out! There he is!
Box 5
Visual: my hand feeding dream drawings 3 times
Audio: Dream gets fed out of her creativity. He loves it!

box 6
Visual Dream the TV and I real movies on the TV.
Audio: One day when they were watching T.V.  Dream had an idea!
That Mari should be an animator since she loved it so much! 

box 7
Visual: Dream pointing to the U.S Map
Audio: She should fly to United States where the big studios are! And be famous! that Simple!!!

box 8
Visual Thumbs up very graphic
Audio Mari really liked the idea!

box 9
Visual:  my hand with a hammer breaking my pig bank
Audio: So she got her savings, 

box 10
Visual: Real x Dollar and me crying
Audio: the currency rate hummm
ohhh no! that’s  is not going to be enough…

box 11
Visual: dream close up big eyes almost crying, just like the puss in boots on shrek!
Audio: Poor Mari…..

box 12
Visual:  Dream giving me his monster bank
Audio: Dream helped her out after all he wanted to become true!

box 13
Visual: dream and I flying in an airplane day and night because it’s really far!
Audio: So together they flu to America.  

box 14
Audio: its kinda far you know…
box 15
Visual: airplane same map and clouds intro
Audio: they landed in the Animation Paradise, The Bay area! 

box 16
Visual:  me and dream with luggages airplane in the back
 Audio: Mari is in the right place now she needs to go to an awesome College, Get a degree and launch her career!

box 17
Visual:  Expression Logo with expression pics, and me with thumbs up
Audio: and she want’s to go to Expression College

box 18
Visual: me with a graduation gown and cap, holding a scholarship bag
Audio: But for this she needs to get an awesome scholarship!

Box 19
Visual: close up  me  with empt pockets, and fly  comes out of my pocket flying
Audio:Because she doesn’t have much money!

Box 20
Visual: me petting my Dream
Audio: Thank you  for  helping to feed Mari's Dream!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Indian Girl

I'm really happy with the result!
Believe or not I'm a beginner in digital painting!
made with phothoshop Cs4 and a bamboo tablet.
getting a new awesome computer next week can't wait!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Old Fat Lady

Sketch made in Brazil, painted in California.

Walk Cycle Exercise

the Best walk cycle exercise I did so far.

Understanding walk cycle, it took a while but I did it! 

The Leaf

this is my frenetic leaf assignment, I've been studying animation principles this semester, I will probably take it again next semester, once you really understand the principles, animation gets easier still freaking hard, but easier!

isn't perfect, the leaf should not change that much, oh well it's my first attempt.... =)