Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Indian Girl

I'm really happy with the result!
Believe or not I'm a beginner in digital painting!
made with phothoshop Cs4 and a bamboo tablet.
getting a new awesome computer next week can't wait!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Old Fat Lady

Sketch made in Brazil, painted in California.

Walk Cycle Exercise

the Best walk cycle exercise I did so far.

Understanding walk cycle, it took a while but I did it! 

The Leaf

this is my frenetic leaf assignment, I've been studying animation principles this semester, I will probably take it again next semester, once you really understand the principles, animation gets easier still freaking hard, but easier!

isn't perfect, the leaf should not change that much, oh well it's my first attempt.... =)

Flour Sack

My Final Assignment for my Animation Principle Class at Berkeley city college fall 2012



It's so cold that I'm Mad


 Photoshop CS4.